Russell brand returns to radio

Russell brand returns to radio

Nashville’s own, Big Cat Country radio will resume Monday and Wednesday evenings when the Nashville Sounds host Big Cat Country radio, a four-hour show, begins at 10 p.m.

Nashville Sounds chairman Pat Conroy announced the news at the morning-after party on Friday.

Conroy said his group is still discussing the future of Big Cat Country radio.

“I think in the very near future, I hope to discuss whether we can continue,” Conroy said.

Conroy said the new national morning show will contin우리카지노ue on its traditional Friday evening hour and a half hour on Thursday night, but the Nashville Sounds will move to a two-hour format on Thursdays, when big rock acts like the Stone Roses, U2, Pink Floyd and the Raconteurs will perform.

Conroy said he’s hoping that the national morning show will attract enough listeners that the existing national radio time slot would be filled for the new show.

“We can continue to operate as a two-hour station, but we’ll need to move into a four-hour format, where there will be a lot of programming,” he said.

Conroy said there’s no timetable to start production.

The national morni바카라사이트ng show, Conroy said, does not require an existing contract. He said no decisions have been made on if the show would host current and future touring acts.

When asked when the new morning show will appear on the Nashville Sounds’ network, Conroy said, “We don’t have a specific date yet, but we know when that will be.”

Conroy did say that he did consider bringing local talent on-air. “I certainly would like a local talent on.”

While Conroy said the national morning show will be produced in part by the Knoxville-based K